Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Cut Down in the app store?

Cut Down is available only in web app form. While every effort has been made to ensure the web app works well on both mobile and desktop devices - there are no concrete plans to make it available in the app store at this time. But I'd love to make that happen!

Will an app really help me cut down drinking?

The aim of Cut Down is to contribute in a positive way to your own learning about your drinking habits and their effect on your wellbeing. Having a greater awareness of your own behavior may lead to better decision making or an increase in desire to improve your own wellbeing - which in turn could lead to cutting down your drinking. If that sounds absurd, impossible, or down right rediculous... then perhaps using Cut Down isn't the best strategy for you. Will it be solely responsible for you cutting down? Absolutely not.

Who built Cut Down and why?

Michael Wills built Cut Down (all of it) as a way to reduce his own consumption of alcohol and help others at the same time. More about Michael.


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