Ways to cut down drinking

398 days ago . 5 minute read

This is by no means an exhaustive list of ways you could try cutting down your consumption of alcohol - however there are almost an endless supply of different things you can use in your attempts to cut down. Try them all and lean into the ones that you enjoy and seem to give you a little traction....

Sometimes a little inspiration is all it takes

484 days ago . 2 minute read

As I continue to build Cut Down, in the back of mind, every little decision I make is sense checked against one of the core philosophy's behind the development - in that it's extremely important that the app promotes a holistic approach to improving wellbeing. Having said that, sometimes it's the...

Apps Don’t Solve the Whole Problem

634 days ago . 2 minute read

How many times have you heard that phrase? In a lot of cases there may be a great benefit to going off and producing an app for that. But there's always a feeling of novelty about it or a lack of clarity around how it will (genuinely) have an impact, and that's probably due to one of two ...