About Cut Down

Cut Down was founded mid-2014 by Michael Wills as a way to help improve his general well-being, and in particular his mood. Although he didn't consider himself to be an "alcoholic", he set about exploring ways to identify aspects of his life that contributed (negatively) to his mood and found that alcohol did play a role. He started keeping track of his consumption and soon realised that he was competing with himself - to ultimately get his weekly total consumption down to an amount lower than it was the week before.

As his consumption lowered, he found himself coming up against other forces which slowed his progress and started looking around for an app or website that could do a little more than simply track drinks. Not satisfied with what he found, he began turning his modest excel spreadsheet into a more personable website application that included the other aspects of support that he required, such as: goal tracking, peer support, and clear insights into how his habits affected his mood, sleep, and focus.

A few months later, Michael turned his attention towards the idea of sharing this functionality with anyone that needs some support with either moderating or cutting down their alcohol consumption.

He is now in the process of solidifying the concepts with the help of others and hopes to produce something that supports people in a meaningful way.

You can get in touch with Michael in a few ways:

- Twitter: @Michael_Wills
- LinkedIn: Michael Wills
- Email: hello [@] cutdownapp.com
- Reddit: Current moderator of /r/cutdowndrinking